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This "quick reply" feels to be a handy addition, but where is the "like" I can't see anything obvious?
i'll side on the positive, it's different and changes how I used to find posts and read replies. time will truly decide if it's easier or harder; but unless we're writing our own forum we'll always be a slave to somebody else's view of "better". i notice we've lost some personalisation - messages etc, but perhaps those have just moved and I've not looked ;).

the upgrade has worked well, and feels smoother/slicker on my phone, being my main device for this.

I'm more thankful to the forum in general, and the fact it exists outside of the social media giants who have swallowed so many similar groups, and to its community of users.

I'll assume that any annoyances can be mitigated, or dwindle with time as I forget the old interface.

it's a thumbs up from I!

News and Events / Re: Upgrades ...
March 29, 2022, 06:30:18 PM
ah... that's better - thank you.

News and Events / Re: Upgrades ...
March 29, 2022, 08:17:16 AM
Mad (or do you prefer Mr Penguin?),

Well done, and I'll confirm basic functionality is OK (assuming this you see this post ;))

It looks nice and clean, but we've lost, last update times from the menu pages. Have you seen a page of recent posts?  I do see coloured icons which seems to imply something, but I'm not sure those are unread posts.

....either way, Thanks for continuing to support the forum.

hi, and welcome....

What type of backup are you looking for?

* Files only - A simple shared drive?
* central hosting of Emails, Calendar &  Contacts, etc?
* Programs/Settings - like roaming profiles?
* a backup suitable to reinstall OS from?
* or something else?

...and are you happy to change your windows 10 installations or must it work without installing extra components, etc?

hi and welcome,

i have no experience of this but please see below that looks to confirm you may need to disable it prior to installing...

ah.... sorry for the late reply, but equally glad you managed to resolve it.

I believe this works on Ubuntu, but I'm not 100%

Lets start from scratch, and test if the USB is recognised:

you can then scan for wifi APs
you can find the network device from "ip a s" (assumed wlan0 below)
iwlist wlan0 scan

if that all works we can try to setup you network...

let us know...

Linux Tips & Tricks / Re: Etcher alternative
March 05, 2022, 12:15:34 PM
i'll copy and paste this time ;)


i guess it depends partly on your setup, but i use KVM, so a generic option would be:

1) setup a NFS server and connect your VMs to it.
this gives a mount point on the VM which acts like a local disk.

2) assuming you have SSH setup, you can use SCP to/from your remote hosts (your VMs)

both are easy to setup and implement.
Linux Tips & Tricks / Re: Etcher alternative
March 04, 2022, 07:26:40 PM
hi Gaz511,

I've never used Etcher, so this may not be a complete alternative...

My goto is "Disks" (Gnome-Disk-Utility) - for writing iso file to usb.


you don't give any context or reason in you post, but NTFS is a Microsoft format and while some distos can use it, mostly, Linux avoids it.

if you're installing Linux - I'd suggest you want to avoid it too.

but I'll also suggest that you want to read this - which may help you get the most out if this forum, because many of your posts lack the details we'd require to be more than "generic".  if you add context and technical back ground, you nay get more focused replies.
Linux Tips & Tricks / Re: Fedora vs Debian Testing
March 04, 2022, 07:04:46 PM
i'll refer you to distrowatch.org which details the software versions for most distributions.

which distro is "best", comes down mostly to personal taste and your personal use-cases.

what software will run on which distro is certainly a consideration, but unless it's part of the repo, it often requires effort and a degree of trial and error.

by the sounds of it, you'll want something well supported and commonly used - like ubuntu.
Linux Support / Re: Linux Jukebox Project
February 18, 2022, 07:45:56 PM

just to say that I also just learnt that mediatomb is no longer supported.

so looking for alternatives will be necessary - i believe that Gerbera continues where MediaTomb left off.

sorry for this misinformation!
Linux Support / Re: Linux Jukebox Project
February 18, 2022, 06:31:20 PM

and thanks for the clarifications - I tend to agree with your approach to tech, but try to plan for my future needs too. 

A DNLA/up&p server is just software that allows other media "aware" devices to share the same content - so i have a  TV recorder which is also DLNA server, this allows me to watch the same programs from any smart TV,  computer, smart device or games console (etc) on my network.


if you want a laptop connected to a speaker, then any of the things like MediaTomb should do a good job.  Options like Jinzora and Squeezebox would add connectivity from other computers, so you can change songs from somewhere else - providing a multi-room feel.

Checkout MediaTomb and it's alternatives.


although reading the intro to that page - I see that my understanding if MediaTomb is outdated, because it seems to do far more than I gave it credit for. :)