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Netbooks / crashing firefox on acer aspire one linpus lite fedora
« on: May 01, 2010, 02:09:06 pm »
Hallo all, new to Linux but very capable and willing.

Acer Aspre One; Fedora Release 8 (Werewolf); Linpus Linux Lite v1.0.9.e; Kernel; GNU Linux

Skype works great but Firefox crashes (Firefox, within a few seconds or minutes of opening. I read that flash may have a lot to do with it, so I then start to look for solutions that fit my machine.

I have been looking around the forums (which is how I got the above info) and I go around in circles with the questions
have I got Hardy, should I switch to Ubuntu or Google Chrome etc etc.

When I try to update versions of firefox or the like I get failures and more questions.

All I want is to have a machine that will browse the net, skype to my daughter in Bulgaria and update my finances ( or lack of ) on a spreadsheet.

So the question there someone who can give me their expert suggestions, tips and instructions step-by-step and in detail
so that at some point in the near future I can add him/her to my christmas card list!!

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