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Hi Folks,
I am new to this site and Linux, so please excuse my ignorance!

Could anyone advise me on which version of Linux would be best for writing software to measure reaction times of key presses from a PC keyboard? There are several version of Linux out there and I don't know which one to use for the best.

The program will most likely be written using C++ for Linux and will produce visual cues, to which the subject must respond with a keypress. The response times would ideally be accurate to within 1 milisecond.

I will also need to be able to read/write to the parallel & serial ports with similar speed.

In the past, I've written programs using VB for Windows but reaction time accuracy isn't great due to Windows processes interrupting program flow! I've tried multi-core processors & minimising memory resident programs but whilst this all helps, I know this isn't the answer.

It's time to move on...

Any help would be very much appreciated,

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