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Linux Support / Re: Change the Linux kernel
« Last Post by Sir Maken on Yesterday at 11:47:40 pm »
Thanks for your input.

However, I know how to use dual monitors but I cannot use them currently and the cause has not yet been determined.

I use DisplayPort on one monitor and if I connect a cable to the HDMI port  even without another monitor connected to it and then reboot the machine stops (hangs).

Identical if I connect a monitor to the HDMI cable.

However, the displays work fine if I connect the HDMI monitor AFTER I have rebooted. Only thing which does not work is the Display options.

Everything works fine in Windows 10. Thats why I wondered if the kernels may have a change that would affect the problem. I do not want to change the kernel permanently, just test. Also, I didn't install the 3 additional kernels.
Linux Support / Re: Change the Linux kernel
« Last Post by DavidMcCann on Yesterday at 09:49:07 pm »
Those kernels will be very little different from each other — the difference will probably be quite invisible to the user. Information on selecting a kernel when booting and permanently changing the default is in the wiki:

For adding a second monitor, see

Linux Support / Change the Linux kernel
« Last Post by Sir Maken on Yesterday at 04:30:36 pm »
Ubuntu Mainline Kernel Installer shows I have 4 kernels: Installed Installed Installed
5.13.0 Running

I have a problem connecting two monitors (HDMI + DisplayPort)

How do I try each of the newer kernels?

I am using Ubuntu 21.10
Linux Support / Re: Had difficulties changing Operating System
« Last Post by Brian000 on December 07, 2021, 09:21:17 pm »

Hi & welcome...

I'd like to pick up on your personal requirements for this, those due to your Electrosensitivity. 

Are you using a 4g dongle or something similar, what is make and model of that? (we can check for compatibility)...

I try to avoid recommending the purchase of more hardware, and depending on the make/model of the dongle this may not be necessary anyway:
...But, is the 15m distance OK for your sensitivity?  ...and is this setup providing you the flexibility to move around your house as you wish?  if not, and if that dongle doesn't have an RJ45, you may wish to purchase a small router which would allow you to run an RJ45 rather than USB. Because that would remove you from any limitations or restrictions. A cheap 4g router would make you far more compatible, as you'd be able to connect using standard protocols which all computer and any devices already use.  I understand you'd immediately turn off the WIFI and connect via RJ45.  This investment would provide other options and flexibility, and allow you to move your 4gSIM to any part of your house which I assume would further reduce your sensitivity. (Last though on this - if we're talking routers, it may be cheaper and almost certainly quicker to go fibre/cable, and you don't need a landline with many modern contracts).

...anywho - Keep that thought, and let's get your computer working first! :)

Are you currently running Ubuntu or Windows? - If your still Windows, you can always try the LIVE-CD before you commit to the change...  As RichJ says, modern Linux systems are at least equal to the ease of Windows; in fact, the degree of change I experience from one version of  Windows to the next, makes them more of a learning curve between versions than Linux (which can be far more consistent between versions)   I have&use an old trackball mouse, and have not had any problems with Linux and basic hardware - keyboards, mice, monitors etc (least not your years!)...

Let us know your plans, and we can see if we can help make this easy on you :)
Linux Support / Re: Had difficulties changing Operating System
« Last Post by Rich J on December 07, 2021, 11:34:15 am »
Hi - and welcome to the forum!

Your pal who installed Ubuntu - is he well versed in Unix-type operating systems?  Generally, Linux is reasonably easy to install, even for the novice, but, depending on the computer it's going on may raise issues ........

If you have been using Windows for this long, I doubt you would have too much trouble with Linux - once installed correctly - and that includes your specific circumstances.

Me being a cynic, I imagine your friendly computer shop has a vested interest in keeping you on Windows, after all they can charge for their services as well as any further support, can't they?  Why would they help you with a free operating system?

Modern Linux OS's are very polished, user friendly and packed with software that is completely free for you to use, modify and distribute and would serve you well going forward.  Windows software will not work on Linux but there are plenty of alternatives available which are as good, if not better, than MS products, especially with the more 'mainstream' distributions.

As a first step, can you post the make, model and specs of your laptop?  Also, what you use your computer for?  General internet surfing, documents, photos, video editing etc. etc?


Linux Support / Had difficulties changing Operating System
« Last Post by user3 on December 07, 2021, 10:23:15 am »
Hi folks, first post, hope you're all good.

Might be some different angled questions that I hope might even be interesting to solve.

A mate who's a bit of computer whizz offered to put Ubunto on my HP over windows 8.1. I jumped at the opportunity to change OS for many reasons. Ended up with an unusable laptop that I had to pay to have windows 10 put on.

I use PCs differently to most people as I'm Electrosensitive so cant tolerate wifi/bluetooth etc. I'm off grid with no phone line so currently use a data sim in a dongle that's on a 15 metre usb repeater cable to get online. It works very well. I also use the old mechanical ball mouse as cannot do an optical mouse.

I did say to my friend, prior to his installation, that connecting to the net via a dongle on the 15 metre usb cable was of primary importance. He didn't think it would be a problem. Unfortunately, it was and so I had to get windows 10 put on which has now, just like previously, messed up my computer.

I've been using PCs for 15 years and have a level of understanding but would call myself a novice. As such, and with the difficulties faced the first time, do you think it's be possible for me to connect to the internet, in the way I need to, and use an old mouse on a fresh Linux install?

The PC shop who put Win 10 on claimed that you needed a higher level of computer knowledge to use the alternative operating systems due to having to search out drivers etc rather than it being done automatically. Not sure I'd qualify even on that level.

Appreciate any input, thanks
Linux Support / Re: Keyboard and mouse problems
« Last Post by DavidMcCann on December 03, 2021, 04:27:42 pm »
Just for the record, I've checked the CCL site using both Pale Moon 29 (Addblock Latitude) and Firefox 94 (Addblock Plus). I roamed all over the site with no problems, so I'd still recommend them to anyone wanting a ready-made or custom-built computer — they do components, too.
General Discussion / Re: Linux Foundation online course
« Last Post by Brian000 on December 02, 2021, 10:58:51 pm »
Perhaps other Members will tell us their prime source of Linux learning.....

I was spoiled, and work sent me on a classroom based, UNIX Fundamentals course - while I didn't really need UNIX for that job, it gave me the ground work to consider alternatives to Windows at home.  ...and that meant that I could avoid all natural sources of viteminD for several years! Therefore, If you know the "what's but not the how's", then personally, I'd recommend O'Reilly, UNIX and LINUX in a Netshell (2 separate books).  Both are all about syntax, so you do need to know what you want to do first!

However, nowerdays, I guess the internet spoils us all... Any issue or problem is now solved by simply finding your preferred search engine and reading what somebody else did long before us.  The ease makes us (well, at least me) lazy, and I no longer do the things I used to.....  I once maintained a WIKI of my own reminders and issues/solutions and write shell scripts to help me remember or simplify syntax.... (if that reads as though I'm disappointed, it's because I sometimes feel like I "copy and paste" rather than learn!)

I know that a many "techies" don't learn well from books alone, so if you're like me - then you need to find a purpose and something that you can build.... once you start that, whatever it is, then this forum is here to help you if you get into trouble.

...and while I don't condone finding what should be paid books free on-line, this feels legitimate enough to post here:
and also these... I've seen most of these on the shelves of Server teams.

Linux Support / Re: Keyboard and mouse problems
« Last Post by mikep on December 01, 2021, 09:12:23 pm »
Hello Folks.

Sorry for the protracted absence. Personal stuff. I won't bore you with the details.

Anyway, I've ordered the motherboard and processor now so I'm commited to a self-build. I'll order the rest of the components I'll need in the next 2 -3  weeks with a view to building the computer over the Christmas bank holiday. It feels like a chore, but it's got to be better than watching the festive drivel on TV.

I'll report back as and when.

Thanks again for all the help and advice.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: How do find Address Books on Thunderbird (Solved)
« Last Post by Keith on November 30, 2021, 08:20:41 pm »
Perfect - many thanks.

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