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  1. Do you think being open source = being secure/private?
  2. Linux process | Strace | Stack trace
  3. Using the "du" command with a file-list [SOLVED]
  4. Setting static IP address to UDHCP client
  5. I want to learn machine/assembly language
  6. Data compression from Google ...
  7. Signals with trap
  8. Setting the terminal position
  9. A "grep" problem
  10. rsync a list of files
  11. Automating backups for old people
  12. Linux 0.01, how much memory require to cover only call and subcalls
  13. IF statement problem
  14. i want to learn a program language.
  15. Transfer File-Modified-Dates between two directories with different structures.
  16. Need to configure .conf file for external application
  17. Copy from windows into nano
  18. How to fix the fatal_error?
  19. Beginner bash script
  20. A strange spreadsheet behaviour
  21. help making a simple server
  22. How to get a last accessed time (i_atime) of a file
  23. SquAWK
  24. Cut away parts of incoming webpage.
  25. Factorial competition ..

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