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[RESOLVED] 404 Fail not found


My own 404 help topic is 404'ing on me.

EDIT: And this happens all the time, as in, I have never seen the content of these pages.

It's not just you i also am receiving the 404 error i believe this is to do with the added apostrophe i just created a post in bug forum called test's which also throws up a 404 error.

Mad Penguin:
Ok, this looks like a bug in Firefox .. whereas we can disable URL rewriting, many other forum features will suffer and other types of access will generate 404's.

* We will attempt to vet new postings with quotes in them
* We will look for a fix that strips quotes from URL's
* You could switch to Google Chrome (or IE)
* We can wait for FF to fix the bug]

Mad Penguin:
Note; this is a known / reported issue with SMF's "prettyURL" package - no fix available as yet.

Mad Penguin:
Ok, "new" topics should have single quotes stripped out .. old topics, we might have to live with ...


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