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IT job wanted.


Troubleshoot, repair, upgrade, Windows, Linux, OSX.

Familiar with Debian, Fedora, SuSE, Slackware, *buntu, all Windows, OSX, et al.
Previous experience of first line support, telephone support, installation, migration, software selection and configuration, basic webapge work, basic graphics, Office, audio software (I single handedly built the IT for a community radio station, (broadcast and office) using Debian and SuSE).

Deep love of IT, thousands upon thousands of hours of experience.
Quick to learn.

Any hours.
Birmingham UK preferred (I don't possess a driving license, never had one, rather than had one that got taken off me) though I would travel as long as the destination was reasonably accessible via public transport (or bicycle if close enough).

Heaven, for me, would be a job in a computer shop, where the manager was happy to see Linux offered to those customers that wished to take the plunge.


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