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Help, I can't see this page, why not ?!

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Mad Penguin:
Well, the most likely reason (assuming you can't see any page on this site) is that you've been blocked from reading this page .. and site .. probably because you've been doing something you shouldn't have, or someone using the Internet in your location has been doing something they shouldn't have. If for example you're reading this page and you're from Saudi Arabia, then the chances are that you are either not in Saudi right now, or you're proxying your connection via a different country.

Another example;

Dear user of IP address (which would be attributable to [email protected]),

You can't read this page because today, you accessed the site over 12 and a half thousand times.
- this is a little bit 'piggy'.

If you would like to use a crawler / spider, firstly don't run it against this site, and secondly, learn to configure it properly before pointing it at someone else's site. If you are not using a crawler, then there is something seriously wrong with your computer.

If you would like to continue to use this site, please fix your computer or otherwise immobilise the user of said crawler (taser, handcuffs, polonium-210 - whatever works for you) then let me know. If on the other hand you would like to provide an arrogant or abusive response to this posting, I would be happy to block more IP's from the associated address range.

Mad Penguin.

.. incidentally, "Mad" does not refer to mental illness, merely my reaction to having to perform site maintenance and blocking on weekends.

Mad Penguin:
Dear Julius Mittenzwei of the Chaos Computer Club in Hamburg,

You have now been blocked.

Scanning the site for potential exploits is a no-no.
("Scannen Sie die Website für potenzielle Angriffe ist ein no-no.")


Mad Penguin:
Dear Borta Catalin of Atom Hosting in Sibu,

Your network has now been blocked a result of IP address probing the site for exploits.

Hah, I've seen Romanian ministers on Telly claiming that come the new year we wouldn't have lots of Romanians trying to get in!

How wrong was he!!


Mad Penguin:
Dear Martin Holub of Vienna,

Your address range ( - has now been blocked.

.. this is great, it seems hackers talk to each other and once one reports a hacked site, he tells everyone else and they go have a look see. Flip side is that if is it's fixed in the meantime, the site gets to record all the hackers looking at files that the general public don't know exist, and hey presto, we generate quite a nice little list of hackers!

(or of course people who's machines have been compromised!)


Mad Penguin:
Dear Ada Pascal, all the way from sunny Cyprus,

Please can you let user of address that this isn't the exploit they're looking for.

Oh yes, and your network is now blocked.



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