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Acer Aspire One AOA110L (a.k.a. zg5) - replace SSD with Hard Drive

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Mark Greaves (PCNetSpec):
This info applies ONLY to the Acer Aspire One AOA110L (a.k.a zg5) that come with the 8Gb SSD
(it does NOT apply the Acer Aspire One that comes with a hard drive .. they use a standard 2.5" SATA hard drive, the motherboard is different, and the plastic case is slightly larger on the bottom)

I had another SSD failure on one of my AA1's the other day, and had run out of replacements .. the 16Gb Super Talent replacement SSD's I've used previously were all sold out, and the 32Gb version was over £90 which is ridiculous.

Hmm, what to do ? ..  I had no intention of spending over £90 on an old netbook, that's more than the damn thing's worth......

I'd previously seen this tutorial for replacing the SSD with a 1.8" HDD:
but had been seriously put off by the comments where everyone seems to have problems fitting the ZIF ribbon cable into the HDD

I can report the replacement went well, and I now have a 60Gb HDD in one of my AA1's .. it's faster than the stock SSD, and those annoying I/O pauses are a thing of the past :)

The HDD I bought (Samsung HS06THB) from here:
£26 including postage .. came 2 days later.

The stock ZIF ribbon cable from the SSD fitted straight in (after some initial effort).

Bit of further info on fitting the ZIF cable -

The ribbon cable goes in with the blue side UP (ie. blue side opposite the HDD's circuit board)

And here's where I think most people had problems

a) there's a black clip that rotates upwards to allow insertion of the ribbon .. but unlike the one on the SSD, it's NOT at the front of the socket (slot side), it's at the BACK of the socket, as pictured here:


b) the ribbon cable only goes in about 1.5 millimetres

Further pics of ZIF Vs LIF sockets here:

Thanks for the link etc.

Is it still performing ok?

If so, I will be buying one Monday (my son will fit it, because I havn't a clue)

BTW my SSD is 16 gig, but I presume it will still work ok.

again thanks :D


Mark Greaves (PCNetSpec):
Still working fine for me, but I've only had it a short while so I can't give any assurances on reliability just yet .. it's your call, and if it fails don't blame me ;)

as long as your current SSD is a ZIF socketed 1.3" IDE (PATA) SSD then yes it should be the right one .. in other words if it looks similar to this:-

Don't worry Mark, too far to send the heavy mob, if all goes wrong.

I'll let you know how I get on, but it might take a couple of weeks.

Mark Greaves (PCNetSpec):
If you haven't already ordered one, you might want to wait a while.

I'm starting to hear some odd sounds from the drive, and once if failed to be recognised whilst making a ticking noise.

It's in one that belongs to my son, so it could be that he's mistreated it .. or it may be symptomatic of an upcoming failure .. you might want to wait and see.

Your call.


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