Author Topic: [SOLVED] Want (or rather NEED to) install Window$ help diag problem... Need help  (Read 8099 times)

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I  think this is one of those cases where you should believe your eyes rather than the figures which could be being skewed by a number of factors.

Maybe if the speedtest is relying on something like flash or java and simple timing.

What I'm saying is that Windows may start off a small download faster but then choke, and Linux start off slower then climb .. but if the speedtest only downloads a small file as the test it would be skewed in Windows favour where in the real world it would all balance out.
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There is some clever marketing gone into VM speed ratings. See here
So how fast are we talking?
Our up to 152Mb broadband makes light work of even the heftiest downloads:

    A whole music album (60MB) in 4 seconds
    A TV show (350MB) in 20 seconds
    An HD movie (4.7GB) in under 5 minutes
    An XBOX game download (20GB) in under 20 minutes

You do the maths, but in my book that is around 18-19MB/s max.
Now if you take that the 152Mb is expressed in megabits then the theoretical speed is 19MB megabytes (152/8)=19
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I know what you’re saying Sezo but to see speeds of 150'ish and then later see speeds as low as 9 is quite a shock.

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