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CF card file permissions a Epson Picturemate (SOLVED)

Started by Emegra, June 08, 2015, 09:40:29 PM

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ok just to update I've created a .desktop file in /usr/share/applications and it's now in the menu under system tools-epson printers

I've got the scaling sorted it was the settings in gnome image viewer was set to A4 I changed it to 6x4 borderless it's still slightly overscanned on the vertical and shows a border on the horizontal (down each side)

I don't want to waste any more paper and ink trying to make this any better it prints perfect prints directly off the printer and now I can add & delete files on the CF card without having to move it to the PC and back so I'm happy with that

The only other thing that doesn't work is bluetooth if I try to send a file to the printer via bluetooth it times out this also happens if I try to send with my android phone but if you think it could be a nightmare to sort I'm happy to leave it as well

Once again many thanks for your help



Sorry Mark looks like I spoke too soon the Epson-Printer-Utility has stopped working it just flashes up for a second or two the shuts down

running it from the terminal gives me this error

[email protected] ~ $ /opt/epson-printer-utility/bin/epson-printer-utility

(epson-printer-utility:23753): GLib-ERROR **: Creating pipes for GWakeup: Too many open files

Trace/breakpoint trap
[email protected] ~ $

Mark Greaves (PCNetSpec)

Maybe it's broken, and that's why there's no menu item .. or maybe it's not supposed to be accessed this way, I don't know enough about epson drivers and utils to know.

if you don't need it, I'd just not use it.
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