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Cannot send personal messages [SOLVED]

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When entering a message, the system does not recognise any recipients' names and issues the message:
"One or more 'To' recipients could not be found."


Mark Greaves (PCNetSpec):
Are you still having problems ? .. it's working for me.

Mad Penguin:
Working for me, so long as you enter a valid user name. "mark" will not work as this isn't a valid name .. if you use "madpenguin" it works, or "[email protected]" it works .. I think your username is "mark greaves (pcnetspec)", not tried it, but I suspect this will work too ...

Mad Penguin:
Ah, just twigged, you're expecting a drop-down with valid names .. that bit isn't working, will look into it ...

Mad Penguin:
Ok, this was a really good catch, spotted a generic issue that's been bugging me for a while - should be fixed, please let me know if you're still seeing a problem.


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