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HELP needed to install Epson XP-355 wireless printer AGAIN

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I had to purchase a new printer today and it is an Epson XP-355. I have setup the printer with ink etc and it works. I have installed it on my Windows 10 machine as the drivers are for Windows and it is working well.
My problem is I want it working on this Linux computer in Peppermint and I need help to do this.
I have the drivers (I think) from the Epson site, epson-inkjet-printer-escpr_1.6.22-1lsb3.2_amd64.deb and epson-printer-utility-1.0.2-1lsb3.2.x86_64.rpm.
Are these the correct drivers and how do I install them ?? Can anyone help please ??

take care
Don W
EDIT I have got the printer working with this computer via USB. I have downloaded the Linux drivers but don't know the best way to install them. When I print from the computer I have horizontal banding across my colour pictures I may get rid of this by using the correct drivers. Can anyone help with installing the drivers. ??

Mark Greaves (PCNetSpec):
Are you still having problems with this .. sorry, only just noticed the post (for some reason it wasn't on the front page).

Hi Mark,
I have this printer set up now using USB. I can print, scan etc. without problem.
I also have it set up to print wirelessly so I can print from the workshop but I still have to come in and retrieve the printout  ;) ;)
Thanks again

Don W

Mark Greaves (PCNetSpec):
Yeah the first manufacturer to find a way of hand delivering the print to me at a remote location is gonna get my money :)

Damn, mankind gets lazier by the day :))

 ;) ;)


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