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Recomend software for creation of a platform

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We are looking for a software package that works with Linux (also windows would be an advantage).

We want to set up a platform with a number of subject rooms up to 20. User security is of importance as is the look of the finished site.

We need something that looks as if it is modern and we are willing to pay a small fee for the right software.

Any suggestions or recommendations welcome.

Thank you.

Mark Greaves (PCNetSpec):
Not sure what you mean by "platform" ?

You mention a "site|" .. do you mean a website ?

A platform is like an up market forum that may also include chatrooms.

The ability to restrict access to different areas of the site to different levels of membership is important.

I have experience of setting up websites using a range of windows software packages.

Would prefer to move to Linux software package for this new project.

Mark Greaves (PCNetSpec):
So you're planning on purchasing a VPS (webserver) running Linux ?

If so, how about this forum software (SMF) with an Ajax Live Chat plugin ?
(it allows access restrictions via membergroups)

Do you have a link please.

So I can take a look.


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