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I cant find the right distro



I have just got here today. How'ya all doin?

So, ... i have been distro-hopping all this time and even today i havent found the right distro to settle with. I just recently found out there are 600 distros and 500 more in development. I go to to see which is the most popular and i try them down the line. So at the moment MX Linux is the top ranking but i didnt like the interface and although it could be customised i couldnt change it to my liking. I tried Manjaro but i didnt like how it works or how it looks, I tried Mint, Lubuntu, Fedora, elementary, deepin, zorin, solus, puppy, most of the other major ones as well. At the moment i have Makulu and Ubuntu on my system but with so many distros out there which is the right distro for me i dont know which one to choose.

that  is one hell of a question, have you tried Peppermint OS?
I have used this for a few years now and whilst not a computer geek have found that it does everything i want it to do, its lightweight, fast and adaptable to your individual tastes, have a look and give it a whirl.

Good luck,


okay, i will install Peppermint OS next, thank  :)


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