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I'm brand new to Linux.

Is the linux data held in files? and can these be accessible from windows?

Thanks in advance

Hello Erics44 - and welcome to the Forum.

What data are you referring to?  Certainly Linux, like any operating system, comprises a huge number of files and if you have both Linux and windows on the same computer (as a dual boot, perhaps) you will be able to access the windows files from Linux and probably the other way round, too. 

We would need a bit more information about your setup before being able to comment further. 


Thanks for the reply

here is my very very limited understanding of linux

There isnt a database as such but the data is stored in files and each "table" has 1 data file and 1 index file.

So the linux system might be used to monitor company customers, so there might be 2 files, one with a list of customers and a second (index file) detailing the meta data of that file.


maybe i completely misunderstand linux

Linux is not a database at all - it is a computer operating system like the Windows or Apple operating systems. 

If you are looking for a database, then a web-search for "Windows database software" or "Linux database software" will find many for you. 
Whatever operating system you are using (I am guessing Windows) you will find that the built-in spreadsheet will have powerful database commands for extracting information. 

If you choose to install Linux someone here can help you with the built-in "LibreOffice Calc" spreadsheets and database commands. 

Hope that helps a bit.


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