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ubuntu 16.04 on disc

Started by diggerdogwoofwoof, July 10, 2021, 02:57:11 PM

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Sorry Diggsy,  I am away from home at present and don't have a working DVD device to check what's on a Ubuntu disc.

It occurs to me that if you already have (an old version of) Ubuntu on this PC you could simply upgrade to the next higher version via the "software updater" facility.  What operating system is on it at present? 

If it's not Ubuntu, then I suggest that you do as I suggested in my earlier post:
Insert your new Ubuntu 20.04 disc in your computer, reboot and choose "wipe hdd and load ubuntu" (if that's what you want to do).  But remember to back up all your files first!
I suggest that you install onto the primary (internal HDD) not an external HDD; so unplug any external drives first.

If you do this I do hope that you have another PC if the installation does not go to plan. 



how do I reboot all i have is a list of folders


1. Insert the disc into your DVD reader on the PC and close the drawer as usual.
2. Close down any running applications
3. Close down the computer in the usual way.
4. Restart your computer with the DVD still in the drawer.

If your computer has been set up to boot from the DVD before the Hard Disc (which is usual), then the PC will boot from the Ubuntu DVD and you will be given the opportunity to:
1. Try Ubuntu 20.4 without installing
2. Install alongside your existing operating system or
3. Overwrite everything and install Ubuntu 20.04 on its own.

Your choice.



followed your suggestions....it just boots from hdd windows 7 home any more suggestions cheers Jay


Your PC must be set up to boot from your HDD before any other medium and you need to change that to boot first from the DVD.

When you boot up the computer, there is probably a brief message at the bottom of the screen that shows for a few seconds.  The message will tell you what key to press to access the "boot menu" - or some phrase like that.  It might be "press the Delete key" or the "F2 key" or something else.  The trick is keep tapping the suggested key immediately you switch on, until you get the boot menu.  It's usually a blue/white screen with tabs along the top.

Once into the menu, use the "left/right arrows" on your keyboard (the mouse has no effect) to select the Boot Order tab.  The instructions down the right-hand side will tell you how to make the DVD the first device to boot from (if it's present).  Do so then press the appropriate key to save your changes and the PC will continue to boot from your DVD and you know what to do later as you've done it before. 



Hi Kieth

I found del for bios and changed the boot order. The 20.04 disc loads up to a black screen with loads of white writing which is too small for me to read. There are lines and lines of this stuff.  The word error keeps coming up.  It then goes over to another black screen with ubuntu at the bottom and a whirlygig that goes round and round.  I timed it for ten whole mins.  It doesnt go any further.

I did however manage to find a site where I downloaded ubuntu which was then scratched onto a disc in my dvd tray.  It was supposed to be 20.04 but it turned out to be 16.04.  It is the same as the disc I was given many years ago and gives me all the options including rewrite empty space on the hdd.  I have managed to get all my hdds up to 16.04 now.  It is going to cost me loads to now upgrade over the airwaves in giggy bits.  Would it be possible for you to send me a link so I can download 20.04 and write it to a disc.  Then I will have it once and be able to upgrade my hard drives to 20.04.

I get old cheap computers and load linux on then distribute them locally to other oldies who dont really understand computers. It is not about money I get a meal or a pint out of each one maybe.  It is about helping older people to realize that computers dont have to be expensive, hard to use or frustrating. 

I learned just recently that children in school are learning to programme with linux treminal.  That is a tuely great idea.  I have found a couple of videos on you tube and just started.  Is there an organised programme of getting terminal programming into schools.  That is the way to go.  When childeren leave school looking at linux as their first choice then it will take off.  If others my age can help distribute to other oldies knowing that the grand children are there to help then sooner orlater the parent generation get sandwiched between us and encouraged over as well.

Many thanks diggsy


If this Ubuntu 20.04 disc is one that you have bought, it ought to work as a "live disc" and boot straight into Ubuntu 20 for you to try or install (as you have set the boot order).  As it doesn't, and you are getting lots of error messages, then it looks like you have a hardware problem and I am not sure how I can advise you further - perhaps someone else will offer suggestions.

As for downloading Ubuntu:  what one downloads will not work as a "live disc" - it is an ISO file that is downloaded to your Downloads directory and has to be unpacked onto a DVD using appropriate software. 

You mention having lots of Ubuntu 16 computers.  I strongly recommend that you persevere with an up-to-date version of Linux - (Ubuntu 20, Peppermint 10, Mint 20, etc.) - as very old versions may be susceptible to bugs. 

I like your idea of distributing Linux computers and I do much the same, but always with the latest versions.  I'm pleased to hear that schools are training in Linux command language - this is very encouraging.