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Booting Linux mint

Started by Trenchcoat, August 23, 2021, 07:40:45 PM

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I have downloaded Absolute Linux onto my hard drive then copied it onto a USB stick and run it through Unetbootin to make it live to try that operating system (DISTRO is that the word for operating system?) but it will not boot on my Toshiba Equium as it says
"ERROR: No configuration file found
No default or UI configuration directive found
What do I do now?


Hi TC,

Almost there.  This what you ought to do.....

Delete everything on your USB (by highlighting all the files and using Shift+Delete - that's important) then use Unetbootin to create a live USB like this:
Click the Radio Button "Diskimage" and search for your ISO file on the hard drive.
Click on the "Drive" window down-arrow and select your USB stick.
Click on "OK" and await your new live USB!