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Chrome Update for Ubuntu Macbook help needed please! NOT SOLVED BUT MACBOOK DIED

Started by Matilda, September 12, 2021, 08:00:17 PM

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Quote from: Keith on February 21, 2022, 09:21:56 AM
Sorry to hear that Matilda.  Better luck next time.


It's no big deal really. It was old and my bro meant well but I think it had a dodgy hardware. Ubuntu just wasn't working properly on it. Whilst I liked the bigger screen for videos, it was like a mirror ( so curtains had to be shut when it was sunny to see the screen otherwise it was like a mirror ), it was very heavy and it had to be plugged in because the battery was dead. It also took ages to boot up! It's on the kitchen floor under the table until I can get it to the recycling centre.
Using an Asus netbook running on Peppermint 9.


Now my Chromebook is on its way out! It fell off the sofa and there is a slight crack in the screen, and whilst it works the touch screen keeps activating itself and enlarging the text to a huge size and wobbling about. It was on its last update so I was planning to get a brand new one in the summer ( should have the money then ) but it's an inconvenient time to be damaged!
So thank goodness for the little Asus netbook running on Peppermint 9!
Using an Asus netbook running on Peppermint 9.