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Mark Greaves (PCNetSpec):
Agreed... I only noticed this problem immediately after uploading a posting, and even then rarely.


--- Quote from: Mad Penguin on March 18, 2010, 04:55:36 pm ---Timeouts unlikey to be the same issue - this problem will be limited to page refreshes following a write operation.
It won't cause a problem if you're just browsing.

--- End quote ---

Can you not make loadbalancing 'sticky', so you stick on one of the web-server's for a while once you've visited one, unless it's down, in which case it puts you on the other one?

Mad Penguin:
Mmm, I'm sure you can .. you're thinking of Apache tho'...

We used to use this for getting around crappy session sharing in Plone .. SMF doesn't have the same sorts of issues as it shares sessions via MySQL, the issue is actually in the internal SMF page cache. In this instance, sticky sessions are actually bad because they break load balancing .. you could for example end up with three concurrent users all stuck to the same processing server when other servers run idle.

lighttpd on the other hand (so I read) does dynamic load balancing based on system load and number of executing queries, which means not having sticky sessions can be very beneficial in terms of overall performance and could easily increase the capacity of the overall platform by x2 or x3. At the moment the platform is serving Wordpress, SMF and Sugar quite happily, be a shame to unbalance it just to cope with a shortcoming on one application .. :)

Aye, forgot you were using that apache module thingywatzit

We use ldirectord, which has some interesting loadbalancing :)
Can't really give all the secrets to our clusters away though ;)


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