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Internet World 2010 - 27 to 29 April, Earls Court


Mad Penguin:
Although not Linux specific (Linux specific events are hard to come by these days) this show is generally fairly relevant to people in the Linux community.

Is anyone planning on going / is anyone up for a meet / drink / pizza ??

In fact (!) is anyone up for a Linux stand at the event?

[there's obviously a cost involved with this - if there's any interested, based on having exhibited at IW previously, those interested would collectively need to raise ~ £5k to put something together ..]

Mark Greaves (PCNetSpec):
I'm definitely interested in going, but will have to see if I can make time.
Meanwhile I've registered for free entry.

If anyone else is interested, you can register for free entry at:

I hope to see you all there.

Mad Penguin:
Ok, I'm registered  ;D


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