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Ubuntu 11.04 Desktop ...
« on: April 21, 2011, 07:35:46 pm »
Ok, so I was expecting (following a number of reviews) to be ranting about how rubbish 11.04 was and how bad the desktop is ...

Now it is true I'm not "live" on my new box, but that's a result of using old hard drives rather than a software issue ...

I actually like it - although this feeling may be subject to change once I start using it in anger.

Tip number one, you can find a terminal by using the 'search' option on any of the launcher menus, and once you have it running it'll appear in the launcher on the LHS of the screen. Once there, right click and make it persistent. Then you can launch multiple instances from this icon using the "middle" mouse button, or by clicking the wheel if you have one.

Tip number two, and this is the bit I've been waiting 5 years for, don't enable Xinerama if you have two monitors, use Twinview instead - it finally works properly and with Compiz!

Tip number three, get yourself one of the new GT430 NVidia graphics cards for ~ £50, they do 6500 fps over two screens @ 1920x1080 !!  :)


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