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I don't know what the hell is going on, but I was just faced with this screen, after trying to get here. The only way I could get past it was by pressing, proceed as usual. Is the server infected or something?

Mark Greaves (PCNetSpec):
No... if you look at the Google diagnostic page(s) that the warning(s) is pointing to:-

Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic page for -


Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic page for -

For some reason is being listed as being hosted on 2 domains that it isn't...  the forums are just "associated" with

But Google also says that there is NO malicious code coming from or this forum

I've emailed MP, who will no doubt sort it out.

There is nothing to worry about, but thanks for pointing it out :)

Not a problem, like to help out where I can. I just was obnoxious because I've never had that page ever simce I moved to Ubuntu back in 2010. So the best of me kicked in. XD
I still get the page everytime I try to connect to here or, but I'm sure there's nothing to worry about.

Mark Greaves (PCNetSpec):
Nope... just Google playing silly buggers, but we're now having to wait for Google to update their records.

If you really want to check the site(s)

See here:

And as I said, even Google aren't really saying there is any malicious code present... they appear to be saying we are guilty by association with some networks we are not even associated with  :o

All we can do is ask them to re-access and wait till they do ::)


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