0019792309479 scam

I just had a phone call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft support telling me my computer had viruses and if I let them remote in, they fix it for me :slight_smile:

Damn I wish I had RDP set up … would have been amusing to let them into an isolated Linux box, and confuse the hell out of them :slight_smile:

Obviously I told them to sod off ::slight_smile:

I really only posted this so Google finds the phone number, and the word SCAM.

If any unsuspecting Windows users see this … do NOT let them remote into your PC, Microsoft would NEVER directly phone you … this is a scam pure and simple.

I was hving them call me on my home phone 2 years ago( even tho I am ex directory). They always had an Indian accent. I told them I had an Apple Mac then out the phone down. When I got Linux I told them Microsoft was crap and I had Linux- they’d go all quiet then I’d hang up. They stopped calling.