2 hdd and some error help before linux

i have my 2nd pc, and i have a 200gig hdd, i also got an 80gig hdd,

but atm, if i plug the spare in the screen goes to bits all over :S
and wil crash or blue screen

i saw it is possible to do dualboot with 2hdd? would this be better than on 1? if so how do i start and will 2harddrives conflict when i reformat or think cause it just bin plugged in on alredy formated os(btw yes i did the pins on it)

What are you saying?
That when the 80gb drive is connected in it as a slave, it causes Windows booted from the Primary (200gb) drive to crash?

or that the 80gb has Windows on it and when you boot from that drive (80gb) it crashes?.. in other words, just a faulty windows install on the second drive.

yes well in summary to be clear,

i had windows xp, on my 200hdd and playin few months on it, then found other 80gg and changed to slave and plugged in,
when i boot up, it would log on windows show desctop and freeze, then the screen looks liek oil glitch all over til i reeboot,

if i disconect my 80 works fine again,
it has items on it from my external, (just pics vids and few windows main insalls needed) just wanted pics off to i can wipe it lol,
i had the idea i would do what i did on my old one and dig thru it and pull out the bits i wanted then format,

so i wanted chek this is cause i did a non formated hdd (btw its in fat32 for runnin on dvd player if i wanted)

cause if worth it i want to windows on that and lin on my 200 i saw some one on about it, and didnt knwo if i can do this and if its worth it?

ltid88:: firstly I’m finding your spelling makes your posts really difficult to read, a bit more spelling effort would make it easier for us oldies!

Can you clarify, do you have Windows on both hard drives, or Linux on one of them?

is there a windows installation on the 80gb drive?
and if so which are you booting from when you experience the messed up graphics.

I’m trying to work out if this is a hardware or software issue.

best bet would be to disconnect the 200gb drive, boot from a Linux LiveCD and use gparted to format the 80gb drive as ext4… shut down, replug 200gb drive boot Windows and see if it still messes up, this way Windows won’t be able to use the second drive for its swapfile (it won’t see the drive at all)… if all goes well you can then install Linux to the 80gb drive.

sorry my spelling sucks i was up all night,

the 200gig has had windows xp home 2004 on for few month,
the 80 gig hdd is in fat 32 for dvd viewing when i used to watch dvds that way,

i simply put the 80 in as slave to try take last few things off it, so i can reformat,
i was thinking using the 80 as windows so i can play my 4story and WoW
and my 200 as the main hdd for linux,

but if i put the 80 gig in pc with already formated to xp 200gig as main,
then pc will load i will see windows, and then 5 seconds it wil freeze, and go glitchy,

there is on the 80gig i think 5 films and a file with about 50 pics in it, thats all,
my external hdd caddy case broke, so i was going to do it without,

i have put my old pc hdd in my new pc computer and gone thru it via my computer to get off any additional things before putting in old pc to reformat, i did this when the pc wouldnt start from big error and was able to save the data we wanted ,

but i dont know if its cause its fat32 and has no windows on it ? although cause i was runing through my main Os i thaught it would be fine?

it should have been fine (which is why I’m wondering if it’s a hardware issue), but windows may have decide to use it for the swapfile… just try what I said after the [EDIT] part of my last post… an 80gb drive will be plenty big enough for Linux, and Linux will be able to “see” the windows drive anyway, so you will be able to use it for storage… Windows won’t “see” the Linux drive at all though.

Windows can’t read Ext4, but Linux has no problem reading and writing to NTFS or FAT/FAT32

but wouldnt linux be best on my 200? as i only want to use the windows for wow and 3 other games

i want linux as main and windows for 2-3 times a week for few hr a time just for games

sorry if i seem dumb, i just dont want to do it the wrong way for the best result

up to you, but 80gb is big enough for Linux and you would be able to store files on the 200gb windows drive and access them from within Linux… if you need extra room, just store some stuff on the windows drive… if you need more room in windows, you can’t just copy stuff to the Linux drive, windows won’t be able to see the Linux drive at all… and why mess with windows if it’s already working

ok done a drive test anda memory test said fine, tryed to instal my uburnu live cd and i get Purple screen with a box

‘‘installation failed’’
‘the instaler encountered an unrecoverable error. a desctop sesion will now be run so that you may investigate the problem or try reinstaling’’

i had it a few times i tryed do that desctop and instal thing, but i get the same stil :S whats happening :S

Mmm, at what stage do you get the error?

This does sound like a hardware problem …

as soon as i press instal uburnu,

i am reformating the 200 as reason i looked into linux was that , it needed a format and i was sick of xp, it crashes every 10 mins (on the200 win) so needs freash

the 80 is what im tryin to instal linux to and gettin error,

the test drive and test memory are fine. just instal uburnu gives error

so given i need to format win anyways woudl you linux on the 200?? as im only instaling 4 games on win and thats all it wil be used for

so i left it on the linux desctop after the instal boot bit… and some reason it says examples and install and this time it let me click instal, wooo think these wil haunt me after format? or error will go when i wipe it?