2 HDD's ..

Well i just came across my other HDD yesterday… (200 gig) and i thought, instead of installing Linux on my HDD i have connected right now…

why not install it on my other HDD. My problem being that, if i was too do this im not sure if my HDD would be able to connect to my motherboard as i’m not the internal know your PC stuff guy… (well i know basic things…).

Help / Opinions?

You could always …

Take out both HDD’s, stick them in external USB HDD enclosures for a tenner each, put Linux on one and Windows on the other, then plug in the one you want to use at any given time and boot off it … ??

See thats another problem i still have to sort :confused:
my front 4 USB slots arent working and all my USB slots in the back are full.
I was thinking about doing as you said… but the USB thing is doing my head in.

OK is the drive you’ve found IDE or SATA?, if it has a million pins at one end it’s IDE, and as long as your other drive is also IDE (and you only have one installed) you WILL be able to connect it, as you can connect 2 IDE devices to the same cable, you just have to set one as master and the other as slave.

if it’s SATA, you will need to see if there is a spare SATA connector on your motherboard.

Got a pic?

Sometimes i find things difficult to understand. And a picture speaks more than a thousand words :D.

IDE will look like this - Parallel ATA - Wikipedia
SATA like this - SATA - Wikipedia

SATA (Serial ATA) and IDE (Parallel ATA) hard drives

SATA data cable

IDE data cable

Wikipedia and Google can be very helpful sometimes. :wink:

Yey! That helped alot. Oh and yeah, its a IDE HDD.
All i have to do now, I go and open my old girl up, and see what kind of HDD she’s running… Most likely IDE right?

Depends . SATA had been pretty standard now for the last 3 or 4 years … indeed SATA III has recently become available (!)