25 mib/s download speeds using package manager but only 2 mib/s using web browse

I am using arch Linux with the kde-plasma desktop environment.

When installing packages using pamac (package manager) I reach download speeds of around 25 mib/s but when using a web browser such as fire fox I reach download speeds of about 2 mib/s.

Why is this happening?

Hi Fezzan - and welcome to the Forum.

Did you measure the download speed with FF using a download speed-checker? If so, the good speed checkers download many files simultaneously in order to saturate your bandwidth and get a worst case value. As I understand it, the Package Manager, in contrast, typically downloads all the required sub-files packaged into a single file (as tar does), so your bandwidth is not being saturated.


Try a different browser such as Chromium and see if the speeds differ. If so, consider ‘cleaning up’ Firefox (see here - Easy Linux Tips Project: Speed Up your Mint!) section 6 onwards. When testing, remember to use the same utility (e.g: http://www.speedtest.net/) and the same destination to maintain integrity of results.