3¼ Floppy question (Solved)

I have a Novatech machine as per my signature. I sometimes need to look at/manipulate photographs on 3¼ floppy disk from a Windows machine as this is the quickest and simplest way for the sender. The pictures are mostly JPG.
Can I buy an external floppy drive that will read these disks and download them to my Linux machine.?
Would any external floppy do ?

take care
Don W

Hi donwatson

I would say any external floppy drive would work but i suppose there may be some that wont

I have a Lacie 706018 MYFLOPPY Pocket USB I bought at a boot sale and it works fine


I wouldn’t pay $99 for it I paid 50p for mine



It’d be cheaper to buy an ancient machine for £10 from a car boot.

You won’t get a lot of JPGs on a floppy…like, 1x 5 megapixel image.

Thanks for that guys.
I have used the USB stick today. Successfully :wink: