3 in 1 connection problem

Hi all,

Couple of questions from a brand new OpenSuse user and relatively inexperienced Linux user.

Just installed 42.1
Cannot get HP printer to connect wirelessley. Officejet that was connected fine using Ubuntu and HPlip previously.
Using the HPlip wizard it doesn’t find the printer at all. Is this something to do with the firewall?

Using KDE connect to connect android phone but it seems only one way - from phone to laptop. When I click OK on the KDE connect control panel, it disappears. Is this supposed to be like Airdroid and a two way connection? Only using this because again, the laptop cannot access the phone via USB connection - it just cannot access the SD card and files. This is my preferred connection method. Any ideas how to do this?

Kontact and Google 2 step verification. Email on Kmail is working fine but obviously there would be a separate app specific p/w generated by google for the calendar. - can I give Korganiser a different app p/w to the one that Kmail uses? Korganiser cannot acccess my calendar. Any ideas how to set this up?

And, for UK Linux users, what’s the best monthly Linux magazine I can subscribe to?

Thanks in advance.
Have to say I love Suse and really hope I can get this all working.


Have you tried enabling USB debugging on the Android phone … try googling say enable usb debugging android lollipop for how to do it … that quite often gives you normal file access to the SD card as a USB mass storage device rather than via MTP

and have you tried installing hplip-gui … then looking in your menu for something like “HPLIP Toolbox” and using that to configure your printer.


Brilliant. Didn’t think about USB debugging. Sure that will help.
Will look at the GUI tomorrow.

Very grateful.


Mark, Hello again, hoping you get this.

HPlip - apparently the OS is too new for the software. I ran a diagnosis through terminal and it came up with various dependencies that I needed but ended up saying that 42.1 was not yet supported so that solved that one. Got round it by specifying the IP address in the YaST hardware manager and, as my specific printer was not listed, chose a similar one and I can now print but obviously not scan etc.

Android - It worked, to a point. I can access music files on the phone and drag and drop. Weird thing is that when looking at the images in Gwenviewer, as per screen shot, all I get is images of a cello. If I call up the toolbar I see the actual images they don’t come up as the main image. If I try to copy and paste it doesn’t and then the mtp process dies. All a bit beyond me.


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