3 Mifi and Ubuntu compatability

I’m thinkin of signing up to the ‘3’ network for mobile broadband and wondered if anyone knows if the MiFi hardware is supported? It basically works similar to wired Broadband but is mobile. You place the hardware in your home where the best reception is and then put a dongle in your laptop to recieve the signal.

The E585 Mifi dongle should be 100% compatible with ANY device that has a working wireless card.

Though you will need a Windows PC for the initial activation/setup (or Windows in a VM maybe).


Once activated you also have the added benefit of being able to connect multiple PC’s/devices to the Mobile broadband network at the same time… similar to a wireless router.

I’ve seen 100’s of sites that recommend these for Linux as they bypass the usual ZeroCD USB issues that people sometimes have with USB dongles.

I can’t say I’ve actually used one, but can’t see any problems.

FYI, there is NO dongle that goes in your PC… as long as you have a standard 802.11 b/g wireless card… the PC connects to the Mifi wirelessly, and it’s fully mobile, so you can carry it with you.

Think of it as a battery powered “mobile network” wireless router, that can be recharged by plugging into a USB slot.

Great info, many thanks Mark. :slight_smile: