3 mobile broadband update on ubuntu 10.10

the dongle i got from 3 isnt native to linux and they dont offer any support, i have a ridiculously slow speed for the dongle i have and asked them why it was so slow and they said its cos i run linux. it installed fine with plug and play i just wondered if there was a way to maybe update its drivers or make it run any better?

Have you tried it in Windows from the same location ?

I have an O2 dongle … ridiculously slow (3 hours for a 28.5 meg download and ages just to load a web page) even though it shows a good connection … I thought it may be Linux, but it’s just as slow in Windows so it seems it’s the network (or dongle) that’s at fault.

Have you checked your network operators service map to see if coverage is good. Remember strength of signal dose not mean that the system capacity from that tower is good.

Every GSM on the planet now has internet so that’s a lot of people and have you tried testing the down/upload speed with a suitable website.

Is ther any change by time of day day of the week.

Don’t let them fool you into thinking it’s Linux, because it’s not. It’ll be their network like Mark said. The Z-series dongles are pitifully slow.

when i called them to cancel they said my coverage is good, when i looked it looked ok there a few blank spots near. its speed does change by time periods of day but its never quick. pages always take long to load and it takes for ever to stream.
im not sure how to test my dongle speed to be honest. the most i seen it is 30kps when i tried to download something. i dont have windows and i cant get a laptop here to test. spose i could test on a computer somewhere else but then it could be my coverage. i guewss ill try a few things but i dont hold out much hope, thanks for your replies.

www.speedtest.net will check ping, upload and download speed with the best location World wide.

As a matter of interest I tried my mobile Hi-speed today. I use Mobistar (Orange) they advertise broadband speeds up to 7mbps.

I got the following test results:

Mobile internet average of 3 tests. Ping 300ms Download 0.06mbps Upload 0.06mbps

Home network Wi-Fi rated at 54mbps ping 21ms Download 3.15mbps upload 1.43mbps My isp provides on paper 30mbps Download and 1mbps Upload.

Home network wired via the house ring-main ping 15ms Download 28.6mbps upload 1.43mbps

Since using plug-in adaptors to use the house wiring I have not looked back highly recommended.

The thing to remember here is that 3g is a lot slower than fixed line broadband (mostly) I have had three different setups one with O2 one with Orange and currently 3. I chose the ‘3’ network because it has HDSPA in my area. HDSPA is an in between of 3g and 4g (4g not currently supported in this country, unlike most of Europe and many other countries in the world). I am suggesting that your expectations may be higher than mobile broadband can offer. Check that you can get HDSPA in your area also, that your 3 dongle can support it. Some of the cheaper dongles do not! :-[

Posted using my ‘3’ Sony Experia Arc tethered to my laptop…and pretty fast too. :smiley:

This O2 dongle I’m stuck with at the moment only gets 1kbps (as reported by the O2 connection manager on a GPRS connection … 3G and HDSPA not available where I am), so is slower than dial-up … it’s driving me up the wall ::slight_smile:

Stroll on the 17th, when I get connected properly.

Thought I’d better point out that the O2 connection manager is running on the missus Win7 laptop, not MY PC … before someone calls me a traitor :wink: … it “feels” about the same in Linux :frowning:

i moved my pc off the floor made it go up 2 bars strange enough, but its still not fast enough but its decent. thanks for your help guys anyway. broadband hopefully getting installed second time around.

The only thing I could recommend is something to try boosting the signal levels. Now it’s not exactly hi-tech, but it most definitely works.

Here’s what you do -

  1. Find a metal clothes hanger, and whilst maintain it’s shape bend it from end to end towards to middle, to create an almost satellite dish shape. Either bend the “hook” into the middle of the clothes hanger so it’s basically inverted or you can saw / snap it off.

  2. Get some aluminium foil and wrap it around the clothes hanger. So you get a nice shiny cover all over it.

  3. Place your newly made signal booster under/around the dongle and you should see a signal boost.

p.s. This also works for Routers as well.

How does it work? Well -

WIFI/3G signals travel along in straight-line. These signals are called radiowaves, which as you’ve guessed carry data. The data is usually encrypted (for routers). As these radiowaves travel in only straight lines, the receiver is losing out on a lot of radiowaves, which is why if you use a satellite dish you get a higher signal, because your “reflecting” these radio waves to a focus point in the middle. So essentially what you have created is an uber-mini satellite dish for indoors.

Radiowaves reflect and defrag through/of objects. They reflect of metal, and aluminium foil being shiny and a metal is perfect for the job.
Hope this helps.