32 bit video drivers on 64 bit OS [SOLVED]

I’ve Googled around and can’t find what I need to. I need to find a way to install (or check if already installed) the 32 bit Nvidia driver on my 64 bit Linux Mint 17.1 install (Ubuntu 14.04.1). I’ve got the propriatory driver already installed via Synaptic, and it’s all working fine apart from one game - Awesomenauts. Looking on their FAQs, it’s been suggested that I need the 32 bit video drivers to avoid a crash to desktop on launch. Strangely, it crashes whether I use my Nvidia or Intel GPU (I switch using bumblebee), so if it’s easier to check for the Intel open-source 32 bit driver, we’ll go for that as if I’ve got it, it rules that out as an issue.

I didn’t think it was possible to use 32bbit graphics drivers in a 4bit OS ?

I kinda thought that too, but that’s what they’ve got in their troubleshooting FAQ here - Ronimo Games Forum • View topic - FAQ / troubleshooting
Other Steam games don’t have a problem, I already have a multilib set up (i386 libraries already installed)

According to that link they are only after the 32bit OpenGL drivers which do exists:

apt-cache search opengl | grep i386

Check installed versions for libgl1:

sudo dpkg --get-selections | grep libgl1

Yep, they were present anyway (I thought it a red herring, as I’ve tried both my Intel GPU on xorg’s drivers, and the propriatory Nvidia driver).

I ended up deleting it via Steam, then navigating to the appropriate folder under /home, and deleting the entire Awesomenauts folder (as some files were left behind by Steam). Upon re-install, it still failed to render the initial settings dialog properly (no text - I suspect this is some kind of Cinnamon issue), but blindly clicking through it, the game works perfectly now! Marking as solved, thanks for your help guys :slight_smile:

Is Awesomenauts any good ?

Didn’t think you were a gamer in any way shape or form?!

It’s very fast-paced, but easy concept to get your head round. Plays a bit like an old-school arcade platform shooter, and pretty addictive (“just 5 more minutes”-style). Missus said she might be interested in playing after watching a Twitch stream for 5 minutes, it has local co-op and was £1.75 on the Steam sale (full price now, but it’s on sale quite frequently), sounds like a plan!!

Does indeed … I’d call myself a VERY occasional gamer, but if I have any preferences it’s old school style side scrollers with a puzzle factor (think Plumber rather than Hedgehog :slight_smile: )

Though I did enjoy Portal 2 … not side scrolling, but definitely a puzzler :slight_smile:

I haven’t finished Portal 2 yet :-[
Loved the first one though, one of the best games I’ve ever played!

Awesomenauts is more shooty than platformy, gameplay is a bit like Metroid or Contra, but much more frantic. It’s also team-based which I find helps the multiplayer aspect (deathmatch gets a bit samey after a while)

A 3D shooter with online multiplayer where you also have a portal gun and can place a portal anywhere would be good … you could open portals and chase or shoot people through them, suddenly appearing behind an enemy, escaping when under fire, or opening a portal for an enemy to fall through so you can shoot him when he pops out in a know place

I’m surprised they missed that opportunity … seems so obvious :o