3G for Acer Aspire One - ZG5 or A110

Hi there, I just bought the above netbook and it all works fine; however, I want to connect my (Samsung Jet) mobile phone to allow me internet access or if this isn’t possible buy a dongle and use that. What I need is a download or downloads that will enable me to do it.
I’m no dummy but I can’t seem to find anything that you can simply download and play, so any help and advice will be appreciated.

AFAIK, you should have no problem tethering the Jet and your AA1 netbook…

You have to select “PC Suit” (on the phone), when you connect the Jet to the computer the Jet should ask how you want to connect… connect as a Modem.

You will also need to add your ISP info into the network manager, under “Broadband Connections” on the netbook

Right click the Network Manager icon (in the system tray) and select Edit Connections.

Then click the Mobile Broadband tab and click the Add button.

Select Britain (UK) from the county selector.

Then select your network providor.

Accept what it says (don’t change or add anything).

Also check the “Connect Automatically” checkbox.

Connect the Jet in PC Suite mode and your netbook will try to connect.

(FYI, the version of Linux installed on AA1’s by default is Linpus Lite, and is based on Fedora Core 8 )

It should be the same for a USB mobile broadband dongle (though depending on the model of dongle, you may have to update the AA1 first by connecting it to a router with an ethernet cable)…

See here:

But (as always) it would be a good idea to search for different make/models Linux compatibility before buying.

Or if you want to be 100% sure of compatibility… take a look at a Huawei E585 Mi-Fi dongle, these connect to your PC wirelessly so as long as your netbooks wireless works…

an expensive initial layout, but it will also allow you to connect more than one device to your mobile broadband at the same time (ie. act as a router).

Thanks for all of the information, it’s really appreciated.