5.1 sound

A while ago we replaced our DVD player and the sound system was replaced with it. As I result I’ve got a Panasonic speaker set (5.1) without a machine to run sound through them, and a PC with rubbish sound. It makes sense to hook them up, but I have no idea how to do that. In short, here are my questions:

  1. Will I need an additional device? I certainly can’t see a port for the wires so I guess I might need an adapter that turns 5.1 audio into USB.
  2. Are the wires on the speakers proprietary? I’m not an audio expert but I don’t recognise the interfaces; I can send pictures of them if necessary.
  3. Will Ubuntu be happy with the attachments out of the box?

Thanks in advance!

Yup a picture of the connectors would help :wink:

5.1 speakers would normally come with a box that all the speakers connect to … then you run 3 leads from your soundcard to that box … like this:-

Click the 3rd image on this web page: