700mb of memory used, but processes memory usage appears not match it?

Hello, these processes is all what “top” returns long time:

but i dont see how the processes memory usage match the 756Mb memory usage mentioned in the top sumary…? why? how i can discover where the memory is used, this is strange, because i cant believe vps is using that much memory, only these processes.


Top doesn’t list ALL running processes … as it’s name suggests it lists the top processes for the chosen field (%CPU by default).

top is sensitive to the size of your terminal window … so if you make your terminal window larger, it will show more processes, but stiil only the top resource hogging processes it can fit into the terminal window.

if you want to see ALL running processes

ps aux

would be a better bet

For memory usage, bear in mind the system will be using a lot of RAM for buffering/caching application data to speed things up

free -m

will give you an output like this example

             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
Mem:          1367       1147        219         71        118        608
-/+ buffers/cache:        420        947
Swap:         1521          0       1521

1147 = RAM usage including buffered/cached data
420 = RAM usage ignoring buffers/caches

Thank you for advices, in my case free -m returns same value with/without cache/buffers. There are more commands to show processes memory. But from their output i still do not match its cumulated memory usage value with free -m used memory value