A lesson in branding ...

And how to blow your foot off with one press release …

Hmm… seems like a potentially dumb and unnecessary move to me, and the article contains some strange quotes from AMD…

According to the spokesman, internally conducted research showed that the AMD brand was stronger than the ATI brand.

Intel by far outsell AMD outside the server market, but at least 50% of intel and AMD based PC’s also carry an ATI sticker, so I would think ATI is the stronger brand.

A company release explained that the survey... [snip]... discovered that the AMD brand was stronger than ATI's when compared with other graphics competitors.

Since when has anyone compared the AMD brand to other graphics chip brands, most people don’t know ATI is owned by AMD so therefore don’t consider AMD to even be in that market.

A lot of people (wrongly) consider AMD second best to Intel, this could also paint the graphics chips as second best in their eyes.

Tying the brands may hurt them at some point… when nVidia screwed up with the laptop GPU’s, and trust in them went down the drain (even now see how many new laptops you can find with nVidia chips)… if the same thing happens at AMD, trust in their CPU’s would probably suffer too.

an AMD spokesman... [snip]... the company's brand strategy is moving to a "customer-centric approach" and away from processer-centric branding.

C:-) Argh… I hate management speak C:-)