a question of anti virus support

I have just started with ubuntu and am a complete novice having been with windows since…
what antivirus do you need with linux? I have a Norton account on another PC (with windows) can I use this with Linux or do I need to have a different one?

Thanks for what is probably a stupid question.

For a desktop PC you won’t need anti-virus, anti-malware, or even a firewall (as long as you are connecting through a router with a NAT firewall).

See here:

Unless you are running something like a mail server that serves Windows clients… you don’t need AV.

And in answer to your other question… No, Norton AV won’t run in Linux… nor will ANY Windows software run in Linux natively.

This doesn’t mean NO Windows apps can be run in Linux, it means they have to be run in WINE (some windows stuff will work) or in Windows running in a Virtual Machine (all windows stuff will work)… but if you NEED certain Windows apps, best to create a dual-boot system, where you decide at boot time whether to boot into Windows or Linux.

See here:

Certainly not a stupid question.

For many (many) years M$ have defended their vulnerabilities by trying to make out that needing anti-virus software is ‘normal’ and in some way ‘to be expected’ … and if the world’s largest software vendor says it’s so, it’s not so unreasonable to believe them.

It is however a complete falsehood.

Anti-virus programs are only required to compensate for the vulnerabilities designed inherent in the design of an Operating System.

Bugs are fixed by patches and updates, but you can’t patch a fundamental design flaw.

Hence Norton’s raison d’etre.

If a flaw is spotted in Linux, it’s generally “fixed” by Linux people, rather than left for a third party to deal with, so keeping up with Linux updates should generally be all you need to do.

There are lots of things you can do with regards to general intrusion detection, prevention and firewalls, but unless you’re running a public Internet server, you probably don’t need to worry about this.

I can verify that what has been advised is correct.
I posted a similar Topic when starting out in Linux. I have had no virus or malware issues whatsoever and I bank online daily.
A superb operating system.

Thanks to all for the great advice, I am now beginning to see why Linux is so good
Thanks again