AA1 peppermint OS has locked me out

Enjoying my peppermint 2 until it suddenly asked for username and password on bootup. It does not recognise my password.
Do I need to re install peppermint?
Can you tell me what might have caused this?

So it is accepting your username but not your password.

This may be a known issue try looking here. http://peppermintos.net/index.php

I have been using peppermint for some time with no problems but someone may have had this problem.

Dunno what happened there, but you can change your password from a root shell …

Fire up your AA1, and as soon as you see the “Acer Empowering People” screen, hit the shift key and hold it till you are presented with the GRUB boot screen.

At the GRUB boot screen, use the arrow keys to select “Peppermint, with Linux 2.6.38-xx-generic (recovery mode)

Eventually you will be presented with a blue screen with some options … use the arrow keys to select “root - Drop to a root shell prompt

You should now have a command prompt ending with #


passwd username

(where username is YOUR username … such as passwd mark)

You will be prompted for a new UNIX password … enter one.

You will be prompted to re-enter it … do so.

It should tell you the password has been changed.

Now enter:


When the system reboots it may display the GRUB boot menu again … just select the top option.
Peppermint, with Linux 2.6.38-xx-generic

If/When prompted for your login password … use the new one … and remember they ARE case sensitive.

…thanks for that everyone, but I just re-installed Peppermint2 from disc.
Another matter -can you advise? - the battery does not last more than a half-hour isolated, in spite of healthy readings. Could this be something else besides a broken cell? I know the AA1 battery isn’t great at the best of times (2 hrs).

For reducing the power consumption see if you have laptop-mode-tools installed
If not then:

sudo apt-get install laptop-mode-tools 

You can verify the status by:

cat /proc/sys/vm/laptop_mode

It should read ‘0’ when the machine is plugged into the wall, and a non-zero number on battery.

Also you could have a play with PowerTOP

sudo apt-get install powertop

Thanks Sezo-It read 0 and 2 on battery. I switched off on fully charged and hours later it indicated 0.40 left (I dont know what to expect other than a full charge remaining). In use on battery it only lasted a minute or two then died without warning. Plugged into the wall it had to be restarted
Is it just a dead Battery cell?
I’ off to read Tram’s link…

ps -PowerTop installed - but where does I go to access it?

It sounds like it is the battery on the way out. Try fully charging it and then remove it from laptop.

Sometime later reinstate it and read the charge. If it has dropped significantly then it is time for replacement.

Had a Toshiba before which due to dry joints was not charging the battery correctly (lasted only minutes on battery)
Replacing of the battery did not solve my problem. YMMV

You can start PowerTop in the Terminal with

sudo powertop

I do like finding out things about Peppermint - with all the help available!

How long have you had your AA1? Did you buy it from new? or is it a used AA1 you picked up? Reason I’m asking is, because when you first get any kind of laptop, netbook, notebook, etc. You should let the battery die out completely flat, then recharge it. Do it twice and then the battery will function properly. giving you a longer life-time of the battery and also the right amount of battery life it’s supposed to have.

I was shocked how fast my battery went dead- I wasn’t sure if it was a charging or computer problem.
But within a month or 2 it was dead as a doornail, wouldn’t run AAO 1 second. On tearing apart the battery, only one cell was completely bad.
Buy another one- I paid $21 w free shipping for a 6-cell and getting 4-5 hours from Ebay- Chicago. Course more to UK. And the guy charged it up or
would have froze in this coldest of life snap -15- -32 for over last 2 weeks. I’ll send you link for it, or to buy new cells ($1.50 ea), if you are nuts enough
to cut it open (see my post on it). But if you do, I take no responsibility for lost digits. Big problem in testing it from AAO - newer models have the connector
plug near the end, the 110, 150 early ones had it near center, so it’s impossible to find another battery in any electronics joint to test it and see if it’s your battery.