[ABANDONED] Need to update BIOS

I have a Toshiba satellite c50-b-14d but I’m unable to update BIOS.
The file I have downloaded is from the Toshiba site and it’s an EXE. I tried to install it via WINE but it would not work as it needs to install BIOS on re-boot or on a CD, which WINE says it can’t do.

How can I fix this?

If you right-click the downloaded .EXE file and select “Extract Here” you’ll end up with a folder with the same name as the .EXE … inside it you’ll find an .ISO file … this can be burned to a CDROM/DVD, and you can update your BIOS with that CD/DVD following the instructions here:

I’ve just burned a CD and then tried to stick it in the laptop and…
NO CD/DVD drive!!!

I ran K3b to check this and it reported an error… ‘No Optical Drive Found’

the only other option is a USB stick, which I did try earlier but it failed to boot. I will try again as I don’t think it ‘burned’ properly the first time.

What can I use to burn the ISO to a USB stick as I can’t do it with Brasero & K3b.

Scrub that, I just remembered I have MultiBoot installed on my desktop kubuntu. I can install it on my MultiBoot USB stick .

The ISO is coming up read only, write protected. How can I change the ISO flags to get MultiBoot to work?

All ISO9660 ISO’s are read only (it’s an image of a CDROM, and CDROM’s are read-only) … but if you read the link (and the contained README file) you’ll see you need to burn it to a CD/DVD not a USB stick.

As a BIOS update (gone wrong) can irrecoverably brick your whole motherboard, don’t cut corners here or attempt to modify the instructions or you’ll end up with a dead system.

Also be 100% sure you are flashing the correct BIOS version or agin you’ll likely brick your system.

If in ANY doubt … DON’T DO IT.

I should also add, don’t hold me responsible if this all goes horribly wrong and bricks your system … my normal advice to people not completely comfortable with BIOS updates is … well I don’t normally give any advice, it’s too risky … In fact I have no idea why I replied to this topic, I don’t normally get involved with anything that can cause unrecoverable damage :wink:

It’s OK, my niece has the laptop back and I couldn’t do it anyway as the laptop did’nt have a CD/DVD drive fitted, only a blanking plate!

And she lives 40 (1 hr) miles away from me.