[ABANDONED] Problem installing Google Drive [UPGRADED OS]

I recently discovered I could access my Google Drive from Dolphin when I found THIS video.
I tried following the instructions using Terminal but it would not install

 sudo apt-get kacounts-providers kio-gdrive

I found that kaccounts-providers was already installed and kio-gdrive would not install.

I then thought of trying to install using synaptic and that’s when I found that kio-gdrive was not in the repo, so I did a little more digging and found THIS site where I found the following commands,

sudo apt install gnome-control-center gnome-online-accounts

I decided to use synaptic again, but I encountered yet more problems…

unity-scope-gdrive has broken dependencies.
account-plugin-google wants to be installed and when I click to continue and install, I get;


So what was the ACTUAL terminal output from:

sudo apt-get kacounts-providers kio-gdrive
E: Invalid operation kaccounts-providers

I did a typo, there should have been two 'c’s in ‘accounts’
…But, shouldn’t I enter

sudo apt-get update

first, so it can pull all the needed info?

I’ve had a look in synaptic and I have got kaccounts-providers already installed.


So what’s the problem now ?

Broken packages, unity-scope-drive
I select it for re-installation, it requires account-plugin-google
I start the installation process then I get the error I posted earlier ‘E:Internal Error, no file name for unity-scope-gdrive:amd64’

I have just thought, why not try installation again, where this time I got;


It would be REALLY helpful you’d stop with the screenshots of error output, I can’t copy/paste text from an image.

You can’t have both of these installed at the same time

So you’re going to need to decide if you want to go with the unity scope method or kio-gdrive option … then uninstall the other.

Start with

sudo apt-get remove account-plugin-google kaccounts-providers

but be SURE to check what else will be removed before accepting.

Then choose one or the other methods.