Access windows via Ubuntu

Hi Guys

I currently have my laptop running with a dual Windows/Ubuntu set up. I almost never use Windows but went for that option simply to continue using Itunes --I don’t like itunes either but it seemed like the simplest option at the time… that’s another story.

Here’s my problem: Today I tried to boot the windows partition to add some music and was faced with a screen informing me my password has expired and needs resetting. I got so fed up, when I used windows, at having to change my password every couple of weeks that I disabled the log in option --it was one of the many many last straws. Of course now, not having used windows for at least four months, and without a password for some time before that, I have no idea what the password (that I opted not to require) was. I’ve tried all my regular choices to no avail; it’s likely to be something different because I had to change the darn thing so often… Grrrrr!

Anyhow. Is there a way to access that partition to obtain or change the password from a ubuntu boot?


Accessing the Windows partition/drive shouldn’t be a problem… it will be listed somewhere in the left-hand panel in nautilus, or somewhere in “Computer” … but this will not help you recover the windows password…

Are we talking about XP or Vista/Win7 ?

First you could try booting Windows into “Safe Mode” (F8), logging on as “administrator”, and changing the “user” password… but if you’ve set (and forgot) an admin password…

You’d be best served by downloading and burning an Ophcrack LiveCD from here:

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Flippin’ 'eck!

Not only does windows insist I change my password just as soon as I’ve learnt the old one… it’s not even secure!

15mins and a free download and I’m in ???

Thanks, Mark.

Short of file encryption, there’s no such thing as a “secure” system if you have local access, and time to play :wink: