Accidentally deleted Linux

At the beginning of December I managed to wipe Linux mint from my system. :-\ To cut a long story short,I had a problem with the windows section of my PC,which required me to take my machine back to it`s original settings and re-instal Vista.I thought that since I had partitioned my hard drive to put Linux alongside Windows ,it would only instal using the Windows sector,but NO,it used the whole hard drive.I had no choice but to go back to my original settings,but I got the problem solved at least.I am now going to re-instal Linux mint.I still have the original CD I already used.Would it be better for me to use this or download a fresh copy from the net.Or,have there been any significant new builds out in the last couple of months?

Linux Mint 10 has been released… if you were using Mint 9, I would upgrade to Mint 10 as it uses the newer 2 6.35 kernel… Mint 9 used the same kernel as Ubuntu 10.04 (2.6.32) which had load average issues (amongst other things).

I can’t say I’ve really tested Mint 10 (apart from a quick look as a VM), but it’s based on Ubuntu 10.10 which I much prefer to Ubuntu 10.04 which Mint 9 was based on.

New features in Linux Mint 10

Download Linux Mint 10 Julia

Linux Mint 10 Review

32bit and 64bit distributions are available.

One last thing… get the DVD version if you don’t want to have to download/install the multimedia codecs, additional software, etc. AFTER the installation (Although they have made upgrading the CD version easy, the “Welcome Screen” will now give you the opportunity to install the missing multimedia codecs and to upgrade to the DVD edition).

The main differences between the CD and DVD versions is that the DVD contains additional software such as Java, VLC, F-Spot,, Samba, additional wallpapers and ttf-dejaVu fonts which wouldn’t fit on the CD, so need to be downloaded/installed afterwards.

LiveDVD = 832mb
LiveCD = 699mb