Acer Aspire one Flashplayer

I need an idiots guide (and I do mean idiot) on how to install flashplater 10 on my netbook. When I install the adobe update I get a file in my downloads called
Can’t seem to figuire out what to do after that,
I have an Acer Aspire One, Mozilla Firfox 3.6 and the os is linpus lite (as far as I can see).

Ok, the problem with flash is that there are so many ‘variations’ with regards to how to make it work, depending on your system. Assuming you have the right file for your machine (!) the easiest / quickest way forward is to do the following;

Start a terminal session (Applications → Accessories → Terminal)

sudo mv /usr/lib/firefox/plugins

Then restart your browser and visit the URL:


… If it doesn’t show on this page - it’s not worked.

Adobe do a Linux “installer” distribution which essentially does this for you … I’d be interested to know how you came by this file in isolation … ??

By far the ‘best’ way of installing flashplayer is through the ‘package manager’.

The way mentioned by Mad Penguin is the next ‘best’ way.

One last way is to put the file in your
directory…if there is no ‘plugins’ directory…create one.

Be aware that the .mozilla directory is hidden so you will have to select show ‘Hidden Fies’
to do this on the AA1:

  1. Click on MyFiles, which opens a ‘File Manager’ window.
  2. In the menu bar, select View->Hidden files, to show a tick in the box.

The .mozilla directory will now be visible in your home directory (~)
create a plugins directory (if it doesn’t exist) inside it, and drop into that, now restart firefox, and the flashplayer will work.

Also be aware this will ‘only’ install it for the current user, if you have the AA1 set up with multiple users you will have to do this for each users home directory.

One last thing…If you do have to create a plugins directory, make sure its all lower case.
unlike Windows, Linux IS case sensitive.

Or see here:,72.msg112.html#msg112

Technically ~/.mozilla/plugins/ is the proper solution (rather than /usr/lib/firefox/plugins), it’s just a pain to keep up-to-date if you have > 1 user account on the system … historically Adobe’s licensing prevented distro’s from including Flash installers as standard, but I’ve noticed recently some distro’s (Ubuntu in particular) now include support via the package manager - so I guess Adobe’s changed the licensing. (or Ubuntu are now big enough not to care … ;))

Note however that if you have an older machine or an older distro, historical licensing issues might mean there’s no package available in the package manager …

:slight_smile: Many thanx ! got it working now. :slight_smile:

Great! :slight_smile:

What did it for you?
(Incidentally, I’m running “Google Chrome” rather than Firefox, hate to say it but it’s “much” better than FF…)

They cheat… the ‘flash plugin’ that comes with Ubuntu is actually just a ‘wget’ package, which downloads and installs the plugin from adobe’s website…