Acer Aspire One function key

Hi Mark.
Since installing Pepperminttwo, the function key has not worked.
Is there any way of making it work.

Which functions aren’t working … the Fn key seems to work fine on mine ?

sorry Mark, ignore,
it is working now,
must be my age,
thanks for the reply.

peppermint still working fine on both computers.

Glad to hear it’s all OK … I take it you like Peppermint then ?

still mega impressed
even i havn’t managed to break it, so it must be pretty stable.
thanks for putting us on to it.

No worries … though I wasn’t fishing for compliments, just wondered if you still liked it after using it in anger … but if you’ve installed it on both systems, I suppose that was self evident :wink:

I’m mightily impressed with Peppermint on my AA1, and I’m considering installing it to my main PC (replacing Ubuntu).