Acer aspire one - Linpus lite linux to Ubuntu?

I have an acer aspire one netbook (model Zg5), which originally came with linpus linux lite and which i am currently running. I now want to switch to Ubuntu, but don t know how, i want to get it via a USB, in step 2 where it says ‘To create it i will be using…’ theres no option for Linpus linux; just windows, mac and ubuntu.

Does this mean if i create it via a windows computer, i can still make it run and work on my netbook which is on linpus linuxx?

Thanks in adavnce :slight_smile:

Yes that’s exactly what it means :slight_smile: … Create the LiveUSB on a Windows PC, then plug it into the AA1, then boot from it by pressing the F12 key at bootup and selecting the USB drive.

Be aware that a FULL Ubuntu installation on a 500MB RAM AA1, will be a little heavy, and will probably run slower than Linpus Lite … there may be better suited distributions for you needs … what are you primarily going to use the AA1 for ?, and what applications would you consider *necessary" ?

I tried PeppermintOS on mine and loved it, pretty much just as quick as Linpus, but also had access to all the latest software as it uses the Ubuntu software repositories … Peppermint is a “Cloud” type distro, so doesn’t come with an office suite preinstalled, but there is nothing stopping you from installing one (or anything else you think may be missing by default) through the Synaptic package manager :slight_smile:

Next I’m going to test Xubuntu and Lubuntu … which are again both lighter than the full GNOME desktop of Ubuntu, but still use the Ubuntu software repositories.


All 3 of those are based on Ubuntu and have access to all the Ubuntu software, but are “lighter” than the full GNOME/Unity desktop, so would be easier on the AA1’s limited resources.

But if you really want the full GNOME/Unity desktop environment of Ubuntu … it will work on the zg5 … it just feels slightly to heavy for the hardware, I reckon a RAM upgrade would easily fix this, but it’s not easy to add RAM to the AA1, you have to completely disassemble them to fit it :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your reply, my mate gave me his usb and i downloaded ubuntu from there :slight_smile: Might try out peppermint :smiley:

My netbook is allready upgraded to 1.5gb ram and it runs pretty good, Way better than linpus becuase i can download things with ease now :slight_smile:

Anyways thanks for the reply, and all the other posts and tutorials you have made that helped me out alot.

You’re more than welcome :slight_smile:

If you have 1.5gb RAM, you may be better of sticking with Ubuntu rather than PeppermintOS … PeppermintOS is definitely quicker than Ubuntu, but may take “slightly” more work to get it exactly how you want it.

That said … there’s no harm in trying it out on a LiveUSB :slight_smile:

I’m running PeppermintOS, but then I only have 500mb RAM … here’s a list of things I needed to do to get Peppermint set up the way I wanted, it may give you an idea of what’s involved:

If you do decide to go with PeppermintOS, let me know and I’ll help you make those changes :slight_smile: