Acer laptop for Linux dual boot

Hello to all. Just joined,from Liverpool, a newbie and hopefully not too much of a burden.
Can anyone give me advice on whether the Acer Asire 7 i5 with GTX1050 is a good laptop to buy. I intend to keep W10 and dual boot with Linux. I will probably install Mint and try different distros in Virtual box.
Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

It would seem from this

that Linux will install on the Aspire 7, but you’ll need to use the ‘nomodeset’ kernel boot parameter.

BTW, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. Have read link…don’t understand it but will look into it.
While reading it on my old laptop it flashed off and I had to reopen the website. I couldn’t find my post because it was now marked as read. I had to do a search to find it. Is there a link where I can find all of my posts? I apologise in advance because I know this is probably obvious. Thanks.


a) click “Profile” at the top of any page on this forum, and select “Summary”.

b) in the resulting page, on the left select “Show Posts”.

Thanks again.