Acer N30 Pocket PC

This old pocket pc has been given to me.

Its charging up and booting in to Windows Mobile O/S.

But it seems to get online you need a wireless SD Card.


Would it be possible to download the wireless files and install to an SD Card.

Or would it be possible to install a Linux system on this old machine.

Purely an interest project.


The wireless sd card is not just an sd card it will have wireless hardware built inside to fit into an sd slot so I don’t think you will be able to download and install any files on to it to make it work, you can purchase these cards but they’re not cheap, new ones come in at around $75 although you may be able to find them cheaper elsewhere.

A company called Letux do Linux sd card images for notebooks and handheld devices but have discontinued the n30 version so it looks like your out of luck getting Linux running on that thing but I may be wrong


Thanks Graeme.

As i said its purely an interest project,not worth spending any money on.

I connected it through USB on to a Windows 7 computer and it transferred files no problem at all.

Thanks for the Info.

Jocklad :slight_smile: