acer one running peppermint 06 how to use expansion port to increase disk size

As a newbie to Linux how do I use the left hand SD card reader to expand the ssd drive size on an Acer zg5 ? Any help would be gratefully. Accepted.

See if the instructions here (go to ‘Stage 8’) help:

I don’t think that fix is necessary any more SeZo, I also don’t think that’s what the OP meant, I *think he meant using something like a union file system such as aufs to layer the SDcard over /home

But the easiest method for just “user” files (storage) would probably be something like this:,1835.0.html

Thanks Mark for pointing that out… :-[

Well thanks to all you guys that have answered this query. Please note I cannot even use use your forum as I have never been on one in my life.
What language are you using? Just joking I think? As a windows user for 45 years how little I know. Don’t even know where the file manager is in pepper 06. Shall have a look asap. Another !ittle foible I’ve found is I’m answering you on a huddle 1 android but when I log onto the peppermint
Forum on my Acer one with an (8 gigabits ssd) I can’t even find my query? Must be me? Thanks again for all the trouble you have gone to to answer my query. I will no doubt be in touch with you again. Yours sincerely Norman liddle