Adding a command to run at start-up

Hi all - I’m getting to know Linux and need some help. I have jumped straight in at the deep-end and have been using Clear Linux. I really like it as it’s very quick, I’ve also installed and have been using VMware Workstation Pro. But I have an issue I seem to have come across. If I reboot and try to start a guest in VMware it throws up a vmmon error. So I then run this command in terminal and it starts the relevant services sudo /etc/init.d/vmware start, I can then start my guest. The problem is I must do this every time I boot. Is there an area in Linux that I can add this line of text, so it starts automatically in the background?
I’ve tried this sudo systemctl enable vmware.service but all I get is this message Failed to enable unit: Unit file vmware.service does not exist

I’d appreciate all your help.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Data10 - and welcome to the Forum.

I am not familiar with Clear Linux but you might find in System Settings something like “Startup Applications” where you can enter applications to be loaded at start-up.

Failing that you might be able to use crontab. There are many tutorials on-line and details will be found in the man pages:

man crontab

You can see what (if any) applications are started in crontab by issuing the following command:

crontab -l