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I am very new to Linux - Linux Mint 19.1 Cinnamon - and realise I have a lot to learn. I want to make a success of it as I am very keen to move away from everything Microsoft. I am not very experienced on a computer other than word processing, internet browsing and emails. I am fortunate to have two computers - a desktop loaded with Linux and my laptop with Windows 10 - I will keep the Windows OS until I am conversant with Linux.
I am having great difficulty with transferring my Outlook Address Book to Thunderbird. This is important to me with over 300 contacts split into a dozen or so groups. I have no problem in exporting from Outlook with a .csv file on a flash drive. I have no problem loading that file on to Linux on the desktop. The problem is loading it on to Thunderbird. I get to the page under Import Address Book where there are two columns - “Address Book Fields” and " Record Data to Import" - and then I am lost. I only require five fields in my address book - first & last names, landline & mobile numbers and email addresses. Of these, only the first and last names options appear in both columns - how do I ‘match up’ the others in order all five fields appear in the imported address book.
I am sorry is this is a very elementary question but I would be very grateful for any assistance I can be given - please give any replies in ‘layman’s’ language!
Alen G

You could read about migrating here:

Long time ago this is how I have done it:

  1. Install Thunderbird on Windows
  2. When Thunderbird starts it will offer to import Address book etc
    Once you are happy that all is imported then
  3. From Windows copy the contents of the Thunderbird profile over the profile (on your linux) in the “.thunderbird” subdirectory in your home directory.

When you copy the Windows T/bird profile over to the Linux T/bird folder, you should also edit the profiles.ini file in Linux and change the path to point to the new profile name, otherwise it will still open the original profile folder.
You will find the profiles.ini file in the .thunderbird folder (note the dot before the name) in your home directory. The profiles.ini file can be edited by double clicking on it, which will open it in a text editor. After amending that file, make sure to save it: CTRL+S.
This is a very simple operation, you would have to do the same in Windows if you were to tell T/bird to open a new profile each time T/bird is launched.

Thanks guys for your interest. I think there has been a misunderstanding of what I needed - I just needed to get past the screen with two columns telling me to match the fields in the left hand column with those in the right column. I couldn’t do this but have now sorted it - don’t ask me how, probably by accident! Have found it very confusing. I’m very glad really - all this talk of ‘profiles’ and ‘.ini.files’ is above my pay-grade - I will learn one day hopefully. Once again, many thanks for your interest.

Good to hear you solved your problem :slight_smile: